Friday, September 29, 2006

Cat Muumuu

Do you have an overweight, surly cat in desperate need of humiliation?

Yes you do.

Meet Sunshine:

She's surly, she's fat, she's the light of my life.

Oh, and she's been feeling a little self-conscious lately, so I decided to make her a muumuu.

Muumuu instructions:

Three skeins Yarn Bee Icelandic Jewel
US 10.5 straight needles
US 10.5 24" circular needles

about 3.5 stitches per inch

Note: I chose to knit the bulk of the muumuu on straight needles and switch to circulars for the fringe. My nifty 10.5 dpns met an untimely end in an unfortunate oops-I-stepped-on-my-knitting-bag-and-smashed-my-plastic-dpns-to-bits accident. It may be easier to knit the entire garment in the round since you'll join the fabric for the fringe anyway.

Step one: Measure your cat

This may be dangerous.

Measure your cat's girth and the length of her flank between her front and back legs.

Step two: Knit your muumuu

Multiply your cat's girth in inches by 3.5, or whatever gauge you're using. Got it? Good. That's how many stitches you should cast on.

Work in K1 P1 rib for about three inches.
Next, work in stockinette for about another six inches depending on how long your cat is. The garment should fit snugly just behind her front legs and end just before her hind legs.

Switch to circular needles.
At this point, you may join your work and begin working in the round if you aren't already.

Row 1: Knit into the front and back of each stitch.
Rows 2-4: Knit
Row 5: Knit into the back and front of each stitch.
Rows 6-8: Knit
Row 9: Knit into the front and back of each stitch
Row 10: Knit

Bind off loosely


Sew up the side and weave in ends.

My muumuu was a bit too big, so I ran a piece of yarn through the ribbing to act as cinch, then tied it into a little bow to tighten it.

If your fat cat doesn't like her muumuu, it also makes a nifty capelet!


Douglas said...

I sooo wish I could have been there to see you place the muumuu on Sunshine. I'll bet she hated it, but is too fat to "attack" it, so she just walked around pissed off, wishing the monstrosity would simply fall off her.
You NEED to find a way to get video footage of her on here.

Tina in Wonderland said...

This is so cute! What a cool pattern! It made me laugh out loud when I saw the look on Sunshine's face in that bottom picture!

Isn't it fun to dress up the pets? I have dogs, each of whom have taken their turns wearing outfits that range from cute to mildly afflicted!

Alexis said...

That's a nice muumuu, Ana, but I think Sunny isn't humiliated enough. You should make her a bonnet or a headscarf to go with her outfit.


blueprairie said...

How timely; in fact I *do* have an overweight, surly cat badly in need of humiliation.

the German Shepherd will be so pleased.

Anonymous said...

that is absolutey hilarious--I'm making one for all of the cats I know.

Cindy said...

Hee hee...very cute...and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This is great!! I can Hardly wait to do it to my fat Meeser!!


Anonymous said...

Do you remember the very first cat you had...the one you dressed up in your doll clothes. As I remember, there is a picture I will have to find. That was the 9-named cat but can't remember all the names. You must write a story about that one. I think he ran away in humiliation from all the ways he "looked"! Better keep the door locked!

mumsarge said...

Oh lord, that is hilarious! I started out looking for teeny dog coats, but after seeing your muumuu, I may change my mind!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!! Poor kitty! You should submit this to!

Kukka-Maria said...

I am pretty sure that if my agent knitted one of those for me, I would scratch her eyes out.

[I'm totally knitting one! I'll post it when it's done and be sure to link your way. Brilliant! Kukka in a muumuu!]

Anonymous said...

Please consider submitting some of these Sunshine pics to!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love your sense of humor. And I agree that Sunshine could use a bonnet or headscarf. She has beautiful fur, have you ever considered shaving her bald and having it spun? If you want to really go crazy, separate the colors and make something variegated.

I'll be watching for you on daytime talk shows where women sob to Maury Povich about how their husbands humiliate them because they're fat. I don't know if the show will provide a cat-to-English translator, so you might want to look into it ahead of time.

Towanda from

Gigolo Kitty said...

The Gigolokitty is most appreciative of your muumuu pattern. His Unfortunate!Mistress is eyeing a suitable yarn for him.


Ha ha ha, you made me laugh. Thankyou. And doesn't the kitty look impressed?

Kukka-Maria said...

Empress Kukka-Maria's muumuu is done!

Sadly, I had to abbreviate the ruffle, as my circulars weren't long enough to do another round of increases. The stitches were packed on there pretty tightly!

After wrestling her into it, I think she looked exquisite! Thank you for the idea and the comprehensive pattern!

Brittany said...

you should submit the bottom picture to the bad cat calendar contest. if you don't already know what i'm talking about, there is this company that takes funny pictures of cats and dogs and they add funny captions and publish them. there are wall calendars, flip calendars, and there is even a new york times best seller book. i have a form that i can scan for you if you would like- just e-mail me @ and i will get it to you. winning photos are published in their calendars.

Anonymous said...

She does look cute, but if you love her so much why put her through the hellish humiliation that you are...cats have feelings too you know, and dogs, unless it keeps them warm outside i believe its pointess.
Sorry to be the party pooper.

Sharon said...

I will definitely have to make a muumuu for my oldest "child". I'm sure she would be impressed!! She will probably voice her dislikes very physical and loud!!!

psammeadred said...

*snort* That is awesome! And I second the recommendation for - they would love this.

Anonymous said...

You did that to your cat and you are still in the land of the living...????

You are a brave brave woman...

Knitting Freak said...

That is great!

I think Franky needs one. But I might make a pair of pants.

Anonymous said...

lol!!! that is so hilarious!!! wow!! she really doesn't look happy in it but omg that is so funny!i agree with alexis, u need 2 make her a bonnet!!! :D

CreditGuide said...

haha your muumuu is so nice and funny. Don't you think your wonderful cat doesn't like this clothes? One way or the other it looks excellent! creative successes for you! ;-)

Lisa said...

I love this. Her expression with the MuuMuu on is priceles. Of course now that she hates you, you MUST send her photo to They have tons of pictures of cats looking angry. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I almost cried, I was laughing so hard. I in fact do have a fat surly cat knicknamed "footstool" (roughly the shape of one)or somedays she is "armrest" (sits there for easy pets). She needs a mumu so my needles are flying now!

hugs to you!

suzi said...

This is HILARIOUS. I love it!

JUDY said...

Have you thought about making your mumu into a circle so the cat can on inside and snuggle and stay warm

I myself knit Snuggle Mats for the animal shelters and now working on many for my vets office.

They are simple to make and those are the only places my two cats lay.

I use double strands, size 13 needles and co from 50 - 55 stitches. I knit two stitches to make a border of your choice. The middle all I do it knit all stitches. I usually try to make the close to a square or as far as that goes as large as you want. Oh yes I use two different colors of yarn too.

judy said...

for those that want to make the Snuggle Mats.. Most animal shelters love to have them. I speciy that they are for the cats only.

A toy for the cats: make2 snuggle mat in a square. lay a grocery paper bag on top. The place the other Snuggle Mat on top of that and stitch together. It makes noise and the cats love them.

susankellogg said...

Your cat looks fabulous! But still I think, that it is useless to dress up your pets. Clothes just irritate cats and dogs and the only thing they think about is how to get rid of all these dresses.

WiLSoN said...

We love Sunshine and we love her muumuu. Our cat Wilson snuggled up inside a handknit petticoat that my mom had made for me years ago. You can see Wilson in "his" slip on his blog. He thinks it's a "body sock." Thanks for the muumuu pattern. I'm going to make one and see if Wilson or Zoe likes it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO i can't get over the picture where you're measuring her and she's biting you.

Cleo said...

Well I think she looks quite dashing ^^

Anonymous said...

lol, i have a cat named sunshine too!!

any way i love knitting...
the muumuu is awesome!!

Mavis said...

my former cats were skinny but i have a fat boy now. he could use a muumuu. is that too homer simpson?

Anonymous said...

Oh, she looks so funny in her muumuu! I agree with some people...she needs a bonnet! Has anyone ever heard of making their cat slippers? I have GOT to make this for my fat fat cat...only he's a boy. I DO have a skinny cat in desperate need of humiliation...would it work, do you think?